action press: The Bigger Picture

action press: The Bigger Picture.
50+ years, almost 150 million pictures and counting:
action press aggregates up to 50,000 new tagged
pictures from 5,000 photographers and 130 partner agencies
in 120 countries – each and every day.


Images that move

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digital assets in the inventory

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Photographers from 120 countries

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action press, one of the largest photo agencies in the world

Since 1970 action press has been represented in the German media market and has established itself as the leading stock agency during this time. Worldwide, we have long been one of the best and largest stock providers.

Since August 2021 action press AG has been the parent company of the ddp photo agency group. In addition to the ddp media GmbH (Hamburg), laif Agentur für Photos & Reportagen GmbH (Cologne) and Stella Pictures AB (Stockholm) companies, this also includes the Picture Press, Intertopics and FoodCentrale picture agency brands.

Prof. Moritz Hunzinger (CEO action press), Ulli Michel (CEO action press), Notar Johann Jonetzki (Notare am Alstertor), Ulf Schmidt-Funke (ddp), Katharina Doerk (ddp) (2.9.2021)

action press is the first port of call for magazine publishers and television broadcasters in particular, also when it comes to current picture reporting in the entertainment sector.
The agency sees itself as an interface between photographers, video producers and media clients. Publishers and other media companies will find an outstanding variety of topics and a large selection of current and archive material at action press.

action press photo database with strong growth: now 146.8 million digital assets in inventory

Frankfurt am Main/Hamburg, September 9, 2021 As of today, action press international GmbH (Hamburg) has 72.5 million keyworded photos in its database. Including the photo inventory of ddp media GmbH (Hamburg) of 74.3 million photos, action press AG (Frankfurt am Main) has a new total of 146.8 million images. As of August 1, 2021, action press AG reported 110 million photos. 
On September 2, 2021, action press AG, one of the largest photo agencies in the world, informed that it had acquired 100% of the shares of ddp. "We are not only continuing our growth organically. If it stays at the new pace we have picked up a year ago, we will soon replace Getty Images as the market leader alongside our Chinese competitors," said Prof. Moritz Hunzinger, CEO of action press AG.

"action press - on the role of the image"
By Thomas Kielinger

1970 Features editor at "Die Welt", later its US correspondent in Washington for eight years. Editor-in-chief of "Rheinischer Merkur", joined "Die Welt" again in 1998, this time as correspondent in London, where he has lived and worked ever since. Honorary Fellow of Cardiff University and St Mary's College. Honorary Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE), Federal Cross of Merit 1st Class. Theodor Wolff Prize, Carlo Schmid Prize. Kielinger is the successful author of various books, including biographies on Elizabeth II and Elizabeth I, bestselling author of the Churchill biography published by C. H. Beck.

A picture from action press is the mirror of our existence. It is a conversation between mankind and the world, and a reproducible photo makes them familiar with this world in its many variations.

Thomas Kielinger, OBE.